About the Author

Wayne C. Long is a digital storyteller.

His self-proclaimed mission statement is “BE what you wish to see!”

His self-portrait as a professional short story writer:

First and foremost, a reader.

An individual, unafraid.

A professional listener with an overclocked imagination, able to translate life's complexities onto the head of a pin.

Multi-talented, multi-dimensional, yet singularly focussed like a ruby laser.

A disciple of "nothing happens until the final edit."

A social anarchist, a covert moralist, a zealot for the rights of the downtrodden, and an ardent supporter of independent thinkers everywhere.

A servant worthy of his hire.

A lover of animals and irony.

Strongly grounded in the classics, yet able to throw off the straitjacket of commercial genrefication.

A healer and repairer of breaches.

A guardian of ancient secrets.

A cosmic engineer and modern-day alchemist, able to turn thin air into leaden truth with a single keystroke.

An outsider with an insider's perspective.

A gifted seer, able to distill from the glorious music of the spheres one bad-ass, street-smart bass line that resonates in the thumping hearts of eager readers everywhere.

Someone whose sensory perception has been refined to high art.

A mental moviemaker.

A keeper of the artist's bowl and the sacred flame.

A lover of words.

A soldier of love.

A prophet often unwelcome in his own country.

A first-responder to the Dreamworld and an ageless shapeshifter.

A shaman of his tribe.

A bullshitter's bullshitter.

One who does not believe for a nanosecond the tired urban myth that the short story form is dead.

And maybe, just maybe, the last one sane in a world gone horribly mad ….

Wayne C. Long

Wayne C. Long