In Memory of Wayne C. Long

November 13, 1946 - April 24, 2014

Wayne was a family man, married for 46 years to his college sweetheart, Diane. He was the proud father of Julie and Brett. His greatest joy was the time he spent with his three grandchildren, Olivia, Nolan, and Lauren.

Wayne was a world traveler, avid people-watcher, lover of music and movies, and a ham radio enthusiast. He was a licensed amateur radio operator for over 50 years, earning a spot on the ARRL Honor Roll by contacting over 320 countries.

After retiring from the business world, Wayne followed his dream of writing and publishing fictional short stories which came to life here on LongShortStories.com. His legacy lives on through these stories and through those whose lives he touched.

Welcome to the Web home of
critically-acclaimed adult short
story writer, editor, and digital
publisher, Wayne C. Long!

A born storyteller, the author has written and digitally published over 100 cutting-edge short fiction pieces. You will delight in a literary roller coaster ride of short stories ranging in length from flash fiction gems containing as few as 100 words, to more traditional short story lengths of 1000 to 2500 words and more.

It's imaginative short fiction that you can easily download and read on the commuter train, while waiting at the airport, or during a well-deserved break at work. Laptop, desktop, smartphone, or e-reader. Wherever you find the Internet!

Just what are these LongShortStories?

Crossing all short fiction genres, Wayne’s miniature masterpieces will embed your head in an eclectic world of the psychological; heartfelt coming-of-age tales; heartless revenge; quirks of fortune; rare glimpses into the foggy worlds of ancient and modern warriors; darkly humorous stories; even sci-fi, probing unseen environments, starring fantastic beings of indeterminate gender. The stuff of dreams … and, yes … more than a few nightmares! They are hybrids of:

  • Literary fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Weird tales
  • Fantasy
  • Military stories

Wayne’s Blog gives his enthusiastic readers a chance to weigh in on their favorites as time goes on. His goal is to create a sense of global community for adult readers and writers of short fiction. Your comments are most welcome. Spammers need not apply.

Guests of this Web site may view free sample short stories by clicking Free Samples.